What to Look for When Buying a Windowless Air Conditioner for Fircrest

Windowless-Air-Conditioner-FircrestA windowless air conditioner is often a great option for people who want to cool off their homes without losing the view from their windows. Many folks find them relatively easy to move around compared with heavy window units, which can also be a challenge to install if they don’t fit your window exactly. Keep these three things in mind when shopping for a windowless AC unit to get the perfect one.

What Size Room Is It Designed For?

AC units come in multiple sizes, and the bigger the unit, the greater the cooling power you’ll get. But buying the biggest one you can isn’t always best. Find one that’s strong enough to cool the room you want it to without having to pay for more air conditioner than you need. 

How Long Is the Cord?

If the room where you plan on placing your windowless AC has only one or two outlets, you’ll want to check the length on the cord of the appliance you’re buying. A cord that’s too short to reach the outlet from where the unit is placed could make your new AC unit useless.

What Is the Energy Efficiency Rating?

Appliances are often labeled with an energy efficiency rating. This information often includes an estimate of your cost to operate the unit. These details are the best way to compare two air conditioners and decide which one is most economical and effective for your home.

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