When to Replace Appliances Instead of Repairing Them in Puyallup

Buying a new refrigerator, freezer, washer, dryer or similar home appliance is a big financial commitment. It’s easy to understand the hesitation to buy a new one when you already have one. But there are three times when shopping to replace appliances makes good financial sense. 

It’s Old

Even the best-made clothes or dishwasher has a finite lifespan. Parts age and wear out, and while some can be repaired, the overall mechanics eventually stop working well. You’ll notice it when the oven takes longer to heat up, or the clothes dryer requires two cycles to finish. Take the age of your appliances into account when deciding whether it’s time to replace them.

You Need Frequent Repairs

At a certain point, spending money on repairs is just wasting money you could put towards a new appliance. When the interval between repair calls becomes shorter, it’s time to think about buying a new appliance.

You Want More Energy and Time Savings

Today’s new appliances are designed to do more with less energy, which saves you money. If high utility bills are getting you down, it’s worth exploring how investing in more efficient appliances can reduce your costs. Appliance technology also offers a greater variety of settings, so you can adjust usage to your needs more precisely.

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Posted on December 24, 2022 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business